Improving Diagnostics in the Periodontal Practice using 3D Imaging

2 Hours 16 Minutes

Sunday Session

Program Track: Imaging and Emerging Technologies

Moderator: Vahid T. Eshraghi

Speakers: Allan H. Charles, George A. Mandelaris, Colin S. Richman

Periodontal diagnoses are formed following review of clinical and radiographic findings. The utilization of 3D imaging has improved disease and anatomical aberration identification, interdisciplinary treatment planning and prognosis determination. This presentation will highlight 3D imaging as a diagnostic tool within interdisciplinary teams, and improved treatment outcomes with implant therapy and periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics (PAOO). 

Educational Objective:

  • Review the role of 3D imaging as it relates to: guided implant surgery, interdisciplinary care, exploration of future potential applications, and diagnosis of mucogingival problems associated with orthodontic therapy and treatment involving PAOO.