Incorporating an Associate into Your Practice

2 Hours 12 Minutes

Sunday Session

Program Track: Practice Development and Management
Moderator: Richard Cutler
Speakers: Gordon L. Douglass, Steven G. Reitan

When is the best time to offer an associate position in your practice? When is the right time for the associate to join a practice for real value and not for a cost control tactic? The growth and maturation of a practice occurs for many reasons, not the least of which includes bringing on an associate. The process requires careful evaluation and planning in order for both parties of the transaction to feel good about it, and for it to be of value. This presentation will offer information for both the established clinician seeking an associate, and the clinician seeking a position for true opportunity. A case study with takeaway documentation on the transfer from employment to ownership will also be included. Bringing the “right” person onboard does not happen by accident, nor does developing that associate into a partner.

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