Innovations in Periodontics Session 2

1 Hour 32 Minutes

Sunday Session

Program Track: Implants, Regeneration/Tissue Engineering, Treatment of Inflammatory Periodontal Diseases

Moderator: Nicholas Caplanis

Speakers: Suheil M. Boutros: Controlled Ridge Splitting (CRS) as an Alternative Technique to Autogenous Block Grafting

               Daniel W-K. Kao: Minimal Invasive Alveolar Ridge Augmentation: A Flapless Method of Splitting the Alveolar Ridge

               Ralph P. Pollack: Forty-Year Evaluation on Splinting Teeth with Advanced Periodontal Diseases

               Michael Toffler: Transcrestal Sinus Floor Elevation: New and Improved

Educational Objectives:

  • Gain knowledge of innovations and advances in clinical periodontics, basic sciences or related subjects.
  • Understand a new concept, technique or product use to take back to your practice.
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