Innovations in Periodontics Session 2

1 Hour 21 Minutes
Sunday Session
Moderator: George A. Mandelaris 

Program Tracks: Implants, Regeneration/Tissue Engineering, Treatment of Inflammatory Periodontal Diseases 

Jennifer Cha: Explants 

Alessandro Crea: The Use of Enamel Matrix Proteins in Association with Autologous Bone and Bovine-Derived Xenograft for the Treatment of Infrabony Defects 

Anton Sculean: Protocol and Clinical Data Evaluating GDF-5/ß-TCP for Periodontal Wound Healing/ Regeneration 

Lloyd V. Tilt: Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure: Ten Years in Periodontal Practice 

Educational Objectives: 
• Gain knowledge of innovations and advances in clinical periodontics, basic sciences or related subjects. 
• Understand a new concept, technique or product use to take back to your practice. 
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