Interdisciplinary Solutions for Ridge Deformities

1 Hour 55 Minutes
Tuesday Session
Program Track: Interdisciplinary Therapy

Moderator: Robert A. Faiella
Speakers: Christian Coachman, David A. Garber, Kenneth A. Malament, Marc L. Nevins, Maurice A. Salama

The replacement of missing teeth in areas of existing ridge deformities poses a great challenge to clinicians. Furthermore, achieving the best esthetic outcome requires a highly integrated team approach between the periodontist, restorative dentist/prosthodontist and lab technician. Members of the dental team will share the way they approach these difficult problems in order to attain harmonious outcomes that support long-term predictability to form, function and esthetics.

Educational Objectives:
Identify how connective tissue-scan software can evaluate and plan for surgical and prosthetic solutions.
List the important lab and prosthetic steps involved with provisionalization and final prosthesis fabrication.
Recognize the role of the periodontist in assessing and managing the soft and hard tissue compromises.