Management of Peri-Implant Disease

1 Hour 56 Minutes
Sunday Session
Program Track: Implants

Moderator: Jeffrey Ganeles
Speakers: Niklaus P. Lang, Maurizio Tonetti

This program will be a live streamed webcast for members.
The first 30 minutes of this session will be devoted to the presidential address,
given by Donald S. Clem, III. The Gold Medal and Master Clinician award
recipients, as well as the Balint Orban winners, will also be announced during
this time. The initial focus of implant dentistry was on implant design, implant surfaces,
surgical techniques for implant placement, bone augmentation strategies and
restoration of dental implants. More recently, preservation of dental implants
and the management of implant complications following treatment (including
peri-implant diseases) have emerged as vital areas of focus. Understanding
peri-implant diseases is critical for assuring the long-term success of a very
important way of treating human subjects who have dental implants.
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