Medical Conditions that Complicate Periodontal Management

2 Hours 33 Minutes

Monday Session

Moderator: Janet M. Guthmiller 

Program Track: Periodontal-Systemic Relationships 

Osteoporosis/osteopenia are systemic conditions that have an impact on clinical periodontal/implant therapy. The increasing incidence is due to longer lifespan, decreased hormone replacement therapy and medications that reduce bone mineral density (BMD). The effects of decreasing BMD on the alveolus and tooth loss will be introduced, as well as treatment alterations. Osteoporosis treatment such as 
bisphosphonate therapy will also be reviewed. 

Educational Objectives: 
• Understand the diagnosis and development of osteoporosis and osteopenia. 
• Recognize the clinical application treatment needs of patients with, or susceptible to, osteoporosis, and apply the implications of low BMD in periodontal/ implant therapy. 
• Identify bisphosphonates: differences, potencies, binding, urinary excretion.

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