Obesity, Diabetes, and Periodontal Disease

1 Hour 36 Minutes

Monday, Oct. 29
10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Program Track: Periodontal and Systemic Interrelationships
Moderator: Purnima Kumar
Speakers: Mia L. Geisinger, Brian L. Mealey, and Barbara J. Steinberg

Diet is closely linked to two of our most recent epidemics— diabetes and obesity, which are themselves interconnected. While obesity and diabetes are recognized as diseases with oral manifestations, eating disorders have not received as much attention among dental professionals. Eating disorders represent a complex spectrum of chronic illnesses, with medical and psychologic complications that lead to the highest mortality of all psychiatric disorders. It is a problem that is an epidemic on college campuses. Members of the dental team, and especially periodontists, may be the first health care providers to encounter such patients and will be instrumental in making appropriate referrals for further diagnostic work-up and treatment. This session will provide the periodontal team with valuable information on the risk imposed by these diseases and conditions for periodontal diseases.

Educational Objectives:
• Identify how obesity and diabetes affect periodontal health, and how to recognize oral manifestations of these conditions.
• Gain an understanding of the psychologic and medical issues associated with eating disorders.
• Recognize how to address and manage periodontal issues associated with diabetes, obesity, and eating disorders.