Occlusal Concepts They Never Taught Us in Implant Therapy

1 Hour 7 Minutes

Tuesday Session

Program Track: Implants

Moderator: Michael J. McDevitt

Speaker: Rainer Bergmann

Implants are rigid, while teeth have a periodontal ligament that allows for vertical movement and migration away from adjacent implants. This difference has a profound impact on treatment planning and restoration design. Reduction of lateral occlusal forces reduces the risk of restoration failures, just as in periodontally-compromised dentitions. 

Educational Objectives:

  • Learn how to design and adjust occlusion to minimize restoration failure, and increase occlusal stability.
  • Understand how occlusal considerations influence everything from restoration design to the choice of restorative materials.
  • See how the occlusal relationship can be maintained when a transition is made from the last remaining teeth to immediately-loaded, implant-supported, restorations.
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