Pioneers of Osseointegration: Our 30+ Year Retrospective and a Look Forward

2 Hour 1 Minute

Monday Session, 8–10 a.m.
Program Track: Implants

Moderator: Barry D. Wagenberg
Speakers: Oded Bahat, Burton Langer, and Myron Nevins

This program brings together our members with the greatest experience in osseointegration. Drs. Langer, Bahat, and Nevins have not only great longevity in the field of implant dentistry but each are students of the art; studying, analyzing their individual data and innovating methods to enhance everyone’s ability to perform successful implant dentistry. Together, our colleagues have placed over 70,000 implants. With this experience they will individually answer most of the following questions:
• What goals and procedures have stayed the same?
• Which have been modified?
• What have I stopped doing?
• What are my new goals, concerns, and new procedures?
• What is the analysis of your data including rough vs. machined, immediate vs. delayed placements, immediate loading and width of implants placed?
• What is the cause of and how to avoid peri-implantitis?
• What material to use in bone augmentation?
• How do implants differ before and after 2001?
• If I could design an implant… I would…
• What is the future direction of periodontists?

Educational Objective:
• At the conclusion of this session, attendees should be able to discuss and answer the questions posed above with beneficial applications for their practice and profession.

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