Podcast Production

SKU: 17AES-B10

Rob Byers, NPR - Washington, DC

Ramtin Arablouei, NPR
Kate Bilinski, Editor/Mix Engineer - Brooklyn, NY, USA; Serial, Homecoming, Reply All, 36 Questions
Austin Thompson, Gimlet Media - Brooklyn, NY, USA
Jonathan Mitchell, The Truth - New York, NY, USA

“Podcasting.” Does it make you think of high-quality production, engrossing storytelling, and immersive field recordings? It should! Podcast audiences are growing and producers are investing, hiring and pushing boundaries. That means there is more opportunity than ever for engineers to create engaging audio experiences. This session brings together a number of experienced audio engineers — who are actively creating, sound designing, editing, and mixing podcast content at the top of the charts — to discuss the intricacies of their craft. Learn about their creative techniques, technical workflows, and strategies for working in the burgeoning industry.

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