Practical Applications of Growth Factors and Cell-Based Therapies

2 Hours 25 Minutes

Sunday Session

Moderator: Bradley S. McAllister 

Program Track: Regeneration/Tissue Engineering 

This program will explore new surgical solutions employing live cell delivery systems, growth factors or differentiation factors for predictably correcting problems involving the soft and hard tissues. Novel materials and techniques will be explored for the treatment of inadequate keratinized tissue, denuded root surfaces and vertical bone defects. Clinical and biological considerations will be highlighted 
as they relate to the selection of carriers, biologics and concentrations for these approaches. Emphasis will be placed on reducing morbidity, increasing predictability and creating a more natural-looking esthetic outcome. 

Educational Objectives: 
• Discuss how and why these new materials may level the playing field. 
• Understand how they can rewrite the rules of regeneration. 
• Distinguish the difference between tissue replacement grafts and bioactive grafts.

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