Realities of Image Guidance with Implant Dentistry

2 Hours 27 Minutes

Sunday Session

Program Track: Implants

Moderators: Yasushi Furuichi, Alan L. Rosenfeld
Speakers: Nicolas Elian, David Grossberg, Noriharu Ikumi, David P. Sarment

The most important use of computed tomography in implant dentistry is the management of patient-specific clinical information. Utilizing commercially-available diagnostic and planning software, critical decisions regarding patient anatomy, osteotomy preparation and delivery of dental implants can be accomplished with a high degree of precision. In many instances, immediate delivery of teeth can be accomplished. However, this technology is not a substitute for experience and evidence-based judgment.

Educational Objectives:
Learn the value of information management in patient care.
Discuss the importance of surgical guide in the delivery of precise surgical outcomes.
Understand complications and limitations associated with image guidance, and the differences between spiral and cone beam connective tissue.