Regenerating Your Practice Through Periodontal Regeneration

1 Hour 56 Minutes
Tuesday Session
Program Track: Treatment of Inflammatory Periodontal Diseases

Moderators: William V. Giannobile and Pamela K. McClain

Speakers: Bradley S. McAllister, Michael K. McGuire, Marc L. Nevins, and Paul S. Rosen

Educational Objectives:
• Assess the most recent evidence based on systematic reviews for soft and hard tissue regeneration around teeth, including the application of emerging technologies to promote periodontal repair.
• Adopt soft tissue grafting procedures for both root coverage and non-root coverage (e.g., improving tissue thickness, esthetics).
• Practice best evidence and practical applications for the promotion of periodontal regeneration around teeth.
• Comprehend emerging technologies that are being developed to promote periodontal regeneration including cell therapy, biologics, and gene therapeutics.