Soft Tissue Considerations around Implants

2 Hours 32 Minutes

Monday Session

Program Track: Periodontal Plastic/Oral Reconstructive Surgery

Moderator: Edgard S. El Chaar

Speakers: Ueli Grunder, Burton Langer

The most challenging field to place implants is still the aesthetic zone. Appropriate bone and soft tissue engineering enhances the aesthetic performance of long-lasting restorations that blend in perfectly, and emerge from the peri-implant sulcus in harmony with the neighboring teeth. The presentation will cover a variety of clinical situations involving implants, which can appreciably affect the esthetic outcome of the final restoration. The rescue of previously placed implants which have had a less than desirable result will be demonstrated.

Educational Objectives:

  • Know the different techniques and biological limits of augmentation procedures (bone and soft tissue).
  • Demonstrate the sequence of tissue grafting when placing implants.
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