Soft Tissue Reconstruction in the Esthetic Zone

2 Hours 25 Minutes
Monday Session
Program Track: Periodontal Plastic Surgery 

Moderator: Joan Otomo-Corgel

Speakers: Edward P. Allen, Adriana McGregor, W. Peter Nordland

Treating the esthetic zone requires precise, creative and often less-invasive surgical procedures. This course will provide the following components: the fundamentals of periodontal microsurgery, minimally-invasive periodontal surgery and restoration of the lost interdental papilla.

Educational Objectives:
Describe the step-by-step techniques utilized in periodontal microsurgery, and cite clinical examples of achievable outcomes.
Discuss the role of microsurgical instruments in minimally-invasive periodontal surgical procedures, including the limitations of the microscope in subgingival surgical procedures.
Understand a variety of surgical approaches for interdental papilla augmentation, and when each technique should be considered.