Strategies to Replace Missing or Traumatized Maxillary Incisors in our Growing Patients with Orthodontics and Tooth Autotransplantation

1 Hour 39 Minutes

Sunday Session

Program Track: Interdisciplinary Therapy
Moderator: Bobby L. Butler
Speakers: James Janakievski, Vincent O. Kokich, Jr.

Options to replace missing, ankylosed or non-restorable teeth in the anterior maxillary region are limited for the growing patient. Treatment is usually aimed at using orthodontics to close space, or develop the alveolar ridge to allow for dental implant placement when growth is completed. Another avenue is tooth autotransplantation, which offers a permanent tooth replacement using a natural tooth to achieve an optimal aesthetic and functional outcome. This presentation will review the considerations for anterior tooth replacement in our growing patients using orthodontics and autotransplantation.