Techniques for Managing Sinus Complications

1 Hour 18 Minutes
Tuesday Session
Moderator: John D. Moriarty 

Program Track: Implants 

The advent of newer armentaria, materials and techniques has greatly simplified augmentation of the posterior maxilla. However, potential short- and longterm post-therapeutic complications remain a concern. This presentation will focus upon the indications for various treatment approaches in the context of comprehensive care, as well as how best to avoid complications, and manage them when they occur. Decision trees will be presented for treatment selection, avoidance of complications in simple and complex cases, and management of post-operative complications that are encountered. 

Educational Objectives: 
• Understand the indications, contraindications and limitations of each therapeutic approach for augmentation of the posterior maxilla. 
• Learn how to simplify the treatment necessary for augmentation of the posterior maxilla, and ensure long-term success. 
• Discuss the role of specific armentaria in reducing intra-operative and post-operative complications, including management.
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