Techniques for the Mandibular Deficient Ridge

2 Hours 33 Minutes
Sunday Session
Program Track: Regeneration/Tissue Engineering

Moderator: Robert A. Faiella
Speakers: David L. Cochran, Jeffrey R. Lemler, Michael A. Pikos, Alan A. Winter

The loss of bone volume following mandibular arch tooth extractions challenges clinicians’ skills for providing patients with acceptable implant or prosthetic care, with horizontal and/or vertical reconstruction being achieved by a variety of methods. Recombinant technology has more recently produced BMP-2, which is delivered to the edentulous site on a collagen sponge to achieve both vertical and horizontal volumetric increases. This lecture will review the rationales, benefits and limitations for each of these approaches.

Educational Objectives:
Discuss technical considerations to optimizing each technique’s efficacy.
Identify literature evidence that supports each technique’s use.
List factors that may limit each technique’s effectiveness.