The Expanding Role of the Periodontists: Managing the Diabetes Epidemic

2 Hours 24 Minutes
Sunday Session
Program Track: Periodontal-Systemic Relationships

Moderator: Robert J. Genco
Speakers: George L. King, Brian L. Mealey

Research in the last two decades has established that periodontal disease
is a complication of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, as well as gestational
diabetes, especially in those who have poor glycemic control. Patients with
diabetes, who also suffer from periodontal disease, have worsened glycemic
control, and are also at risk for higher levels of diabetic nephropathy and
cardiovascular disease. In this course, diabetes complications - and pathogenic
mechanisms leading to them - will be discussed, along with a critical analysis
of the relationship between diabetes and periodontal disease. Issues related to
the clinical management of patients having diabetes and periodontal disease
will round out the session.
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