The Independent Medical Examiner

1 Hour 34 Minutes
SKU: 16ACOEM-209

TRACK: Regulatory, Legal, Military, and Governmental OEM

Douglas W. Martin, MD, FACOEM, FAADEP, FAAFP, Unity Point Clinic - Occupational Medicine, Sioux City, IA

The performance of an Independent Medical Evaluation is a skill set that some, but not all, occupational medicine physicians add to their menu of clinical services. IMEs are typically thought of in occupational medicine when there are unresolved issues of impairment, work capacity, treatment recommendations, and causation analysis. However, IMEs also performed in disability systems outside of workers compensation in the areas of personal injury, product liability, and long term disability. This session will instruct the learner on the basic components of the IME, how it differs from a typical doctor-patient encounter, and the critical importance of a well-crafted report. Medico-legal tips will also be covered that will guide the IME physician into areas of confidence as opposed to criticism. The presenter has 22 years of IME experience in many legal arenas and has taught thousands of physicians in the basics of IME provision. This session was organized by the Private Practice in Occupational Medicine Special Interest Section.

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