The Periodontist in Turbulent Times: Systems to Stay Relevant

3 Hours 5 Minutes

Saturday, Oct. 27
8 a.m. - noon

Program Track: Leadership, Personal, and Practice Development
Moderator: Jennifer Hirsch Doobrow
Speakers: Jeffrey V. Anzalone and Peter C. Fritz
Cost: Complimentary with full attendee registration; limited attendance. Ticket valid for initial 15 minutes of the course based on the start time indicated above. Failure to arrive within that timeframe will result in invalidation of ticket. AAP reserves the right to request proof of session registration. 

External forces are causing the periodontal specialty to undergo an unscheduled transformation. As much as we would like to recapture how it once was, that ship has sailed. If the goal is to keep periodontal specialists relevant in the dental landscape of tomorrow, we must apply a different focus to remain important and purposeful in the eyes of our patients and collaborative partners. 

All firms share a common framework for defining their existence. First, all firms need an inventory of supplies or customers. Secondly, they need an operational system that is efficient and unobstructed and yields a desired product or service. Most lectures at periodontal meetings focus on the finished service, but very few provide an analysis of how to cultivate the inventory or optimize the throughput for the patient. Using the process of ongoing improvement and challenging the theory of constraints in the periodontal practice, this session dives deep into the two elements that are a constant challenge for periodontal practices, yet are virtually ignored at scientific meetings: patient management and throughput.

Educational Objectives:
• Define your “why” and position your enterprise to stay relevant.
• Identify strategies to please patients and referrals in 2018.
• Recognize elements of employee engagement such as pricing and incentives and strategic scheduling, fundamental to efficient and economically responsible operations.
• Describe the specialist’s dashboard: What are the key three-five metrics you must keep track of every day?