The State of Dynamic Navigation: Technology and Workflow

1 Hour 27 Minutes

Monday, Oct. 29
10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Program Track: Emerging Concepts and Innovative Therapies
Moderator: Bradley S. DeGroot
Speakers: George A. Mandelaris and John Russo

Decades after its inception in neuro-surgery, dynamic navigation offers real-time information on the position, angulation, and depth of dental implant drills in order to “guide” implant surgery. Dynamic navigation provides the accuracy of fully-restrictive guides with a simpler workflow and fewer clinical limitations. This course will focus on the state of the technology, the workflow, and clinical benefits of navigated implant surgery and what is ideal for implant surgeons interested in improving the accuracy and precision of their implant placement.

Educational Objectives:
• Summarize the benefits of dynamic navigation over freehand and traditional guided surgery.
• Demonstrate the clinical workflow for dynamic navigation surgery.
• Examine the indications and case-selection criteria for dynamically navigated surgery.
• Gain a clear understanding of how this revolutionary technology works and how it may be integrated to improve surgical outcomes.

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