The Team Relationship - Managing Implant Complications

1 Hour 41 Minutes

Tuesday Session

Program Track: Interdisciplinary Therapy

Moderator: Richard Cutler

Speakers: Mark I. Handelsman, Gary Solnit

The professional relationship between the periodontist and restorative dentist in implant dentistry is as crucial as ever in today’s modern practice world. With the increasing cost of care, and the value our patients place on their treatment, it is our responsibility to insure the greatest return for their investment. With that in mind, this lecture will focus on evidence-based decision-making as it relates to the management of complications for our patients. The presentation team, a prosthodontist and periodontist, will share the decisions they implement for their patients to ensure the most stable restoration.

Educational Objectives:

  • Learn what evidence-based treatments can be utilized with the numerous implant and associated natural teeth complications presented.
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