To Treat or Extract the Tooth with a Furcation

1 Hour 32 Minutes
Tuesday Session
Moderator: Cecil White, Jr. 

Program Track: Regeneration/Tissue Engineering 

The treatment of multi-rooted teeth demonstrating inter-radicular loss of the periodontium continues to present a significant challenge. The application of the principles of tissue engineering has been applied to the treatment of class-11 furcations with predictable 
success, but there is still the need to consider osseointegration as an alternative. This program will explore the decision-making process for both treatment modalities. 

Educational Objectives: 
• Learn to develop an accurate classification, diagnosis and prognosis for teeth with furcation involvement. 
• Discuss the principles of tissue engineering and biometric parameters of growth factors. 
• Understand the decision-making algorithm associated with treatment of the diseased furcation vs. osseointegration.
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