Understanding the Maxillary Sinus

2 Hours 23 Minutes

Sunday Session

Program Track: Imaging and Emerging Technologies
Moderator: Nicholas Caplanis
Speakers: Christopher Church, Stephen S. Wallace

This session will provide perspectives on sinus grafting from the unique viewpoints of an otolaryngologist and periodontist. Understanding the anatomy and physiology of the maxillary sinus is critical for the dental implant surgeon. Failure to identify normal variants and pathologic conditions may result in graft or implant failure. Although complications are rare, the majority can be attributed to insufficient pre-surgical diagnostic preparation or surgical misadventures that result from inadequate understanding of three-dimensional sinus anatomy. Dr. Church, an ear, nose and throat specialist, will discuss the development, anatomy and physiology of the maxillary sinus, along with common pathologic conditions important for the dental implant surgeon. Management strategies, including referral guidelines will also be presented. A periodontist with experience in sinus grafting, Dr. Wallace will present the most accurate pre-surgical diagnostic techniques and most effective surgical techniques to properly diagnose and treat the unique three-dimensional sinus anatomy.

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