Vertical Bone Augmentation in the Posterior Mandible

1 Hour 27 Minutes
Monday Session
Moderator: Alan M. Meltzer 
Program Track: Regeneration/Tissue Engineering 

Vertical ridge augmentation techniques are considered the most challenging procedures in implant dentistry. Nowadays, the techniques available are cortico-cancellous onlay bone grafts, guided bone regeneration and distraction osteogenesis. Recently, the use of growth 
factors like rh-PDGF, associated with biomaterial, have been proposed in the literature to eliminate the need of autogenous bone harvesting of a membrane. 

Educational Objectives: 
• Describe the basic principles and clinical techniques of bone regeneration in the posterior mandible. 
• Learn the advantages and disadvantages of GBR vs. distraction osteogenesis. 
• Recognize how to regenerate the bone with the association of growth factors and bio-materials.
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