Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Using Traditional and CBCT Technology: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

1 Hour 37 Minutes

Sunday Session, 10:15–11:45 a.m.

Program Track: Interdisciplinary Therapy

Moderator: Purnima Kumar

Speakers: Manish Garala and E. Todd Scheyer

Recent advances in imaging technology in conjunction with established clinical and evidence based philosophies, can undoubtedly provide greater predictability to endodontic and/or periodontal therapy. Collaboration between both specialties and the restorative dentist provides a systematic approach that eliminates the uncertainty surrounding diagnosis and treatment planning. The advent of cone beam technology further enhances our ability to visualize, diagnose, and treat in three-dimensions, removing the guesswork associated with the use of conventional one or two-dimensional imaging. Before a decision is made to save or extract teeth, we can now collaboratively develop a diagnosis and treatment plan with multiple options that the patient can visualize and comprehend to make an informed decision. Threedimensional planning software can allow the clinician an opportunity to virtually perform procedures, resulting in a detailed plan that sets a new standard in performance and accountability. Endodontic diagnostic testing my help to identify the presence of endodontic infection as an etiology for observed bone loss.

Educational Objectives:

• Review basic periodontal/endodontic diagnostic algorithms.

• Learn about the power of CBCT as a planning tool.

• Grasp how treatment planning in periodontal/endodontic cases can result in new levels of predictability.

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