American Board Review Part 1

2 Hours 59 Minutes

Saturday, Oct. 27
8 - 11 a.m. 

Program Track: Leadership, Personal, and Practice Development
Speakers: Bradley L. Phillips, Michael P. Rethman, and Francis G. Serio

It’s like it never went away! The American Board of Periodontology (ABP) Qualifying Examination (written) will be given in 2018. This course, as it has since 1989, will assist in preparing candidates by providing strategies for studying, utilizing key resources, and offering a plan to successfully complete the written and oral parts on the path to becoming a diplomate. This program reflects all the new Board regulations and changes in the examination and certification process.
Specific topics that are historically part of the written and oral examinations will be presented: 
• An evidence-based overview of occlusion as related to periodontal disease and therapy.
• A focused discussion of diagnoses, identification of risk and etiologic factors, and the implications for treatment planning and selection in patient care.

Educational Objectives:
• Review the current ABP regulations.
• Complete a literature-based review of selected topics.
• Provide strategies to efficiently prepare for and pass the qualifying and certifying examinations.

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