An Update on Medications Used in Sedation

3 Hours 21 Minutes

Saturday Session, 1–5 p.m.
Program Track: Periodontal-Systemic Relationships

Moderator: Robert L. Merin
Speaker: Kenneth L. Reed

Sedation in dentistry is a rapidly evolving field. Drugs and medications used in the past may have been superseded by more efficacious, more appropriate and safer drugs today. A classic example of course is diazepam that has mostly been replaced by midazolam, but there are many other drugs that have not yet become popular but are very good alternatives to drugs routinely used in periodontics. These medications will be discussed in-depth including their indications, contraindications, side effects, pharmacokinetics, and best clinical uses.

Educational Objectives:
• List the “traditional” sedative agents used in sedation.
• Discuss alternative agents used in sedation.
• Explain the rationale for the use of various adjunctive agents in sedation.

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