CBCT Bootcamp: Implant Dentistry

4 Hours 3 Minutes

Saturday Session, 8 a.m.–12 p.m.
Program Track: Imaging and Emerging Technologies

Introduction: Pamela K. McClain
Speaker: Dania Tamimi

Dr. Tamimi will provide an in-depth review of the concepts of imaging for implants, including image manipulation to produce clinical correct cross sections, radiographic anatomy of relevant parts of the head and neck as well as systematic review of a CBCT volume. She will discuss the key strategies for detection and evaluation of pathology that may be visualized on thescan and their relevance to implant treatment planning and insertion, and teaching the fine diagnostic details that would enable the participants to single out one diagnosis over the other. An audience response system will be used to engage the participants.

Educational Objectives:
• Navigate and extract clinically correct images from a CBCT dataset.
• Establish a systematic review method to minimize missing important diagnostic information.
• Explain radiographic anatomy as is related to implant dentistry.
• Identify pathology and knowing how it can change the implant treatment plan.

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