Dental Hygiene Symposium

4 Hours 4 Minutes

Saturday Session, 8 a.m.–12 p.m.

Moderator: Joanie Gaydos-Daniel

Speakers: Jennifer Hirsch Doobrow, Rick Heard, John Sottosanti, and Ann Eshenaur Spolarich

Dental hygienists play an essential role in providing effective and successful short- and long-term periodontal care, yet are often faced with a variety of challenges in clinical practice. This interactive course is designed to elevate the registered dental hygienist as a key partner in comprehensive oral health care. The Dental Hygiene Symposium offers the opportunity to earn four CE credits through a series of four lectures on topics discussing surgical versus nonsurgical treatment, peri-implant disease, periodontal regeneration, and the effectiveness of laser treatment for the hygienist.

Jennifer Hirsch Doobrow – The Hygienists’ Role in Regenerative Periodontics
Rick Heard – The Use of Lasers in Periodontal Care
John Sottosanti – Surgery vs. Non-surgery: The Winner is…
Ann Eshenaur Spolarich – Etiology and Detection of Peri-Implant Disease

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