Exposing the Surgical & Diagnostic Issues with Impacted Teeth

1 Hour 7 Minutes

Monday Session

Program Track: Interdisciplinary Therapy

Moderator: Joseph E. Gian-Grasso

Speaker: Hessam Nowzari

The orthodontist often requests the exposure of an impacted tooth. A periodontist must be well trained to perform the surgical exposure, essential to completing a successful orthodontic therapy. This presentation will analyze and diagnose impacted teeth. Surgical techniques and timing of treatment for maximum efficiency for different impacted teeth will be described and orthodontic eruption discussed. The presented surgical modalities are aimed at enhancing and harmonizing tissue structures.

Educational Objectives:

  • Learn the surgical techniques and healing dynamics following orthodontic eruption.
  • Understand complications and the team approach to resolution.
  • Utilize the decision-analysis approach.
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