Gingival and Connective Tissue Grafting for the Lingual Aspect of the Anterior Mandible

1 Hour 50 Minutes

Monday Session

Program Track: Periodontal Plastic/Oral Reconstructive Surgery

Moderator: James E. Jacobs

Speaker: Michael J. McDevitt, George K. Merijohn

Bone loss and gingival recession on the lingual aspect of teeth in the anterior portion of the mandible present diagnostic and therapeutic challenges to dentistry. This presentation will include detailed pre-op, surgical and post-op methodologies; practical clinical decision-making; effective patient communication skills; and a valuable action plan for increasing referrals. 

Educational Objectives:

  • Increase referring clinician awareness, understanding, motivation and referrals, as well as boost patient treatment acceptance.
  • Understand and apply predictable and effective surgical methodologies, minimizing risks and maximizing outcomes.
  • Gain effective protocols for pre- and post-operative management.