Perio-Ortho Collaboration

1 Hour 32 Minutes
Tuesday Session
Program Track: Interdisciplinary Therapy

Moderators: Takeo Taniguchi, Barry D. Wagenberg

Speakers: Brody J. Hildebrand, Maurice A. Salama, E. Todd Scheyer, Satoru Urano

Orthodontic therapy can be an aid in achieving long-lasting and successful periodontal results. Tooth movement can enhance ridge form, leading to optimal functional and esthetic results without surgical intervention. Alteration of the root within the alveolus can also create changes in its form, helping in regenerative therapy.

Educational Objectives:
Understand the potential alterations to ridge form initiated by orthodontic movement.
Discuss the objectives and limitations for the use of TADS to enhance orthodontic movement.
Evaluate when movement of the roots can enhance periodontal regeneration.
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