Regeneration: Redefining the Hopeless Prognosis

2 Hours 29 Minutes

Sunday Session, 2:30–5 p.m.
Program Track: Regeneration/Tissue Engineering

Moderator: Paul S. Rosen
Speakers: Masahiko Nikaido and Giulio Rasperini

One of the principal goals of dental care is to preserve the natural dentition in health, comfort, and function for a lifetime. The opportunity to maintain teeth with advanced periodontal disease has become more of a reality today through advances in our understanding of tissue engineering and applying these concepts to regenerative medicine. The potential to restore the alveolar supporting bone, periodontal ligament, and cementum destroyed through the disease process has altered the hopeless prognoses given to teeth with advanced angular lesions, Class II and III furcations, and advanced mobility. Moreover, with the emerging knowledge about the short- and long-term problems associated with dental implants, keeping teeth seems all the more important. This program will look at how the philosophy in dentistry is shifting back to one of tooth conservation versus replacement through regenerative materials and techniques. Further, futuristic approaches will be presented that will continue to rewrite the rules of regenerative algorithms.

Educational Objectives:
• Discuss the benefits to maintaining teeth through regeneration with advanced lesions versus their replacement.
• Discuss current biologics and materials used today in regenerative algorithms.
• List emerging scaffolds and biologics for regenerative therapy.

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