Saving Hopeless Teeth

2 Hours 22 Minutes

Sunday Session, 2:30–5 p.m.

Program Track: Regeneration/Tissue Engineering

Moderator: Barry D. Wagenberg

Speakers: Pierpaolo Cortellini, Stuart A. Feldman, and Paul S. Rosen

It should be the goal of every therapist to save the natural dentition when possible. Procedures are available today that alter the definition of what can be called “hopeless teeth.” These three esteemed clinicians will present decision trees to help to make the determination whether a previously designated hopeless tooth can be salvaged. Careful patient selection and application of modern concepts of “biologically driven” regenerative therapy along with a strict periodontal supportive care program are the keys to success. Today, it is even difficult to set a limit to the regenerative potential of periodontally compromised teeth.

Educational Objectives:

• Identify how lesion morphology effects the choice of biologic materials available.

• Explain how sequence of therapy and occlusion play a role in regenerative success.

• Discuss the application of “biologically driven” periodontal therapy.

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