Pain Management: A Spectrum of Care

3 Hours 15 Minutes

Saturday, Oct. 27
1 - 5 p.m.

Program Track: Sedation and Anxiety Management
Moderator: David H. Yu
Speaker: Michael S. Higgins

This lecture-based presentation will consist of a comprehensive review of pain management options. A well-implemented systematic approach to patient comfort impacts many aspects of successful patient care with improved:
• Patient acceptance based upon the anticipated surgical experience.
• Patient follow through of staged procedures.
• Surgical team stress and performance.
• Surgical outcomes.
• Healing and infection rates.
• Positive patient experiences.

Thorough consideration of both the physical and emotional aspects of patient comfort during the pre-, peri-, and post-operative period is crucial for a positive surgical experience. Thoughtful management of the pain control tools available includes the proper selection and application of sedatives/anxiolytics, local anesthetics, and post-operative analgesia regimens. 

Educational Objectives:
• Identify various options for pain and anxiety management.
• Consider pharmacology and use of local anesthetics including enhancement additives.
• Implement patient evaluation and selection criteria for basic and advanced pain management procedures.
• Review pharmacologic considerations for anxiolytic, sedative, and general anesthetic agents.
• Adopt criteria for selection and application of appropriate sedation or general anesthetic techniques.
• Manage post-operative discomfort including concepts of multi-modal analgesia.
• Evaluate obstructive sleep apnea and its influence on pain management strategies.

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