The Use of Laser Therapy to Treat Inflammatory Diseases of the Periodontium for Teeth and Implants

1 Hour 52 Minutes

Tuesday Session, 8–10 a.m.

Program Track: Imaging and Emerging Technologies

Moderator: Myron Nevins

Speakers: Donald S. Clem, III, Allen S. Honigman, and Samuel B. Low

Contemporary treatment regimens have provided significant success with periodontal regeneration and osseointegration, but both are challenged by patient susceptibility to inflammation. Periodontitis and peri-implantitis demand attention at their early stages, but too frequently encounter delays that progress from gingivitis to the loss of alveolar bone. Laser treatment regimens have demonstrated a valuable role when addressing the need for control or correction of the periodontal hard and soft tissues. This panel will present their clinical experiences to resolve inflammatory diseases. They will review current knowledge and address when and how to improve the dental health of patients and compare the laser predictability to traditional therapies.

Educational Objectives:

• Explain the evidence for specific lasers to treat peri-implantitis.

• List the capabilities of lasers to decontaminate the implant surface and identify when to use a laser approach when treating periodontal disease.

• Recognize the limitations and decisions relative to treatment of peri-implantitis.

• Review the most promising regenerative therapies to solve this problem.